Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing at high temperatures in controlled atmospheres is a special competence of the FCH Test Center. We also do standard testing at room temperature.

The FCH Test Center offers testing of elastic properties, strength,  and toughness. To make it possible to provide results in a swift and cost-effective manner, we have developed a special mechanical test set-up, which enables the testing of a large number of samples in four-point bending in one process, allowing us to make a precise statistical evaluation of the material strength distribution. 

We also offer non-destructive measurement of the elastic modulus as a function of temperature using an impulse excitation technique.

For quality assessment, we offer measurement of the bulk strength of brittle materials using the ball-on-ring method.

Sintering and reduction processes very much determine the strength of ceramic components.

Four-point bending at high temperatures and in controlled atmospheres can be used to optimize heating profiles with respect to the resulting strength.


•       Identification of critical contributors to mechanical failure
•       Measurement of strength at high temperatures and in controlled atmospheres
•       Accurate statistical analysis
•       Investigation of the impact of reducing atmosphere on solid oxide fuel cells


•       Destructive measurement
•       Sample size 16 mm
•       Controlled atmosphere
•       Temperatures ranging up to 800 °C
26 MAY 2020