H2Ocean - Development of a wind-wave power open-sea platform equipped for hydrogen generation with support for multiple users of energy

The rational exploitation of oceans space and resources is increasingly seen as crucial to enhance European competitiveness in key areas such as Renewable Energy and Aquaculture. The H2Ocean consortium aims at developing an innovative design for an economically and environmentally sustainable multi-use open-sea platform. The H2Ocean platform will harvest wind and wave power, using part of the energy on-site for multiple applications including a multi-trophic aquaculture farm, and convert on-site the excess energy into hydrogen that can be stored and shipped to shore as green energy carrier. The project builds on already on-going R&D and commercial activities of a partnership involving European leading industrial and academic partners from 5 countries within renewable energy, fish farming, hydrogen generation, maritime transports and related research disciplines.

In the project DTU will experimentally evaluate several electrolysis technologies for the expected application in terms of sensitivity to inlet water (concentrations of salts, pH, pressure, temperatures, and contaminations), motion, power variations, etc.

The H2Ocean project is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme. Find more info on www.h2ocean-project.eu.
4 AUGUST 2020